From personal to professional growth, Netta Jenkins offers more help. She provides services to help overcome your struggles in order to create the successful business you’ve always dreamt. Below are additional workshops.

Organizational Assessment

◦ Analysis of current data

◦ Trend Analysis

◦ Diagnosis

◦ Robust comprehensive survey creation 

◦ Extraction and Analysis of data, 

DEI Education Installation

◦ Virtual Live Workshops

◦ In-Person Workshops

◦ Online Anti-Racism Courses 

◦ Leadership Coaching

◦ Diversity professional training

◦ Management essentials training

◦ 1-on-1 Training

◦ Keynote

Process / Policy Ideation

◦ Performance Review

◦ Engagement Survey

◦ Compensation Re-tooling

◦ Accountability Plan

◦ Hiring / Recruitment Re-tooling 

◦ Employee Resource Group Re-tooling

Strategic Initiative Implementation

◦ Organic Recruiting/Hiring

◦ Product Inclusion

◦ Campaigns

◦ Community Impact 

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