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Diversity, Inclusion, & Innovation, with Netta Jenkins

Netta shared how brands could take active steps to create an inclusive environment for their employees, and laid out the business benefits that come from a broad and dynamic marketplace of ideas.

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How to boost diversity in the tech industry – Netta Jenkins

Netta’s number-one mission is to break barriers and bias through educating and empowering businesses. Her goal is to create inclusive, collaborative and forward-thinking workplaces by focusing on people, products, and programs.

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People Analytics

By Sean Boyce

The People Analytics podcast is built for experts in Human Resources and Talent Acquisition to learn about effective strategies in the growing field of People Analytics.

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theupnextpodcast's podcast

New ideas and new technology are causing seismic shifts the media industry. Meet the innovators, the risk-takers and the disrupters on
the front lines of change from Hollywood, Wall Street, Silicon Valley and beyond. This is the “Up Next Podcast” with Gabriella Mirabelli.