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A Practical DEI Resource for Real Workplace Change!

As a kid I started a DEI movement by challenging my teachers to include different narratives in their coursework. Even from a young age, I never believed in a single, unequivocal and uncompromising view. I always felt that there were multiple perspectives that all deserved to be heard. As an adult, I want to help bring those voices into the limelight. I want to provide guidance to those who want to listen, and a megaphone for those who wish to be heard. And that’s exactly what I plan to do with this book.

DEI is an 8-billion dollar industry that is not yet accessing its full potential through real solutions and results. However, through a powerful formula of practices that motivate employees to be more socially and self-aware, The Inclusive Organization is a revolutionary yet practical resource for individuals at any stage of their career.

Each chapter will walk you through a different segment of my DEI framework and include worksheets that provide an opportunity for self-reflection and self-action. Really spend time with these worksheets, explore each topic in depth and think about how you can apply what you’ve learned to your current situation. And remember, movements are successful when they have the power of the people. You do not have to start this movement alone.

This book is for the reader who says “I want to take action, but I don’t quite know how”. It’s for the reader who says “I have been taking action, but I know I can take it a step further.” It’s even for the reader who says “I don’t know what DEI is, but I want to learn more.” No matter which reader you most resonate with, I urge you to seize this opportunity and use this book to create a DEI movement.

I have always firmly believed that people are at the core of any business. Despite our immense technological advancements, people remain and will continue to remain at the core of any business. Organizations should always invest in their people and remember that the best ways to do so are by keeping their people interested, informed, and inspired. If organizations can commit to do this with accountability and explicit metrics, then together we can start a DEI movement.

Grab your friends and colleagues, your leaders and mentors, and read through this book together. Share what you learn, ignite each other’s inspiration, and come together to work on these areas together. So, if you are ready to officially start a movement with me, then take a photo of you and this book, share it on LinkedIn with the hashtag #DEIMOVEMENT and tag me, Netta Jenkins. Together, we can power this DEI movement. So let’s jump in, the water has never been warmer.

This is an excellent holiday gift for all employees!

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