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Netta Jenkins Speaking At Unleash Conference In Amsterdam!

It's an honor to be selected to speak at the Unleash Conference in Amsterdam and share IAC Applications break through initiatives around Diversity and Inclusion on October 23-24th!

Unleash Conference attracts the world’s leading visionaries, entrepreneurs, disrupters and doers including #SirRichardBranson, #AriannaHuffington, #SirKenRobinson, #RachelBotsman, #GaryVaynerchuk and more. The UNLEASH community represents the most diverse brands and organizations from +120 countries worldwide.

They are expecting about 10k attendees and have selected the most influential leaders paving the way in the world. I can't begin to express how excited I am to share how and why we removed Employee Resource Groups. I'm also looking forward to sharing results and actionable steps other companies can take to create a more inclusive work environment that yields positive results.

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