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My main goal has been to share my research and experience around diversity and inclusion with others. I have spoken at over 40 events in the last seven months. Yes, a lot of talking, but worth it. My main goal for 2019 is to speak at SXSW about Employee Resource Groups being segregated groups that don't help form an inclusive work environment. I will share my research, breakthrough strategies, and successful results. This isn't possible without you, but I'm confident this goal is attainable with your support. All you need to do is VOTE!

On Monday, August 6, you are invited to vote and share your input on my session idea through Thursday, August 30. The community's input will amount to 30% of the total score for my proposal. My proposal will also be evaluated by the SXSW EDU Advisory Board (40%), and SXSW EDU staff (30%) during this time.

Anyone with internet access can cast a vote upon creating a PanelPicker account.

Please click on both links and vote for my sessions:

There are over 1000 panel options this year so every vote counts!

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