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Inclusive Reminders for Managers with Direct Reports!

  • Actively get to know each member on your team. Is a team member nervous about the status of their visa? Is a team member a single parent juggling work and parenting? Is a team member working late long hours? Building a relationship with your team members will allow you to create inclusive plans for greater productivity, performance and peace.

  • Actively assess team demographic and team dynamics. Understand that just because members on your team may act like they agree with you during meetings that doesn’t mean they actually agree or don’t have a different idea. Power dynamics play a large role. Allow the space for members to share their ideas.

  • Create an inclusive code of conduct with your team that is covered in every weekly meeting. Allow your team to share examples of how they have followed it and possible challenges and roadblocks they have experienced.

  • Discuss DEI & Anti-Racism team commitments in the beginning of every weekly or bi weekly meeting. This will help to drive greater DEI impact on your team.

  • Be sure to use gender pronouns. Using a person's correct pronouns provides greater psychological safety by affirming gender identity and makes people feel respected and valued.

  • Share a working career path plan with members on your team. People feel a greater sense on inclusion and belonging when there is a path forward for them. When career plans are not defined or shared with individuals, they will leave.

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