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Key Ways to Measure Diversity Data

In order for organizations to get an accurate understanding of diversity data in the workplace, the first step is to actually obtain meaningful data that can derive impactful results. Inaccurate data will not be able to provide any sort of useful insight, so ensuring that employees feel comfortable providing this information is critical to the process of measuring diversity data in the workplace.

  1. Utilize third-party vendors focused on employee experience to collect employee data, like Holistic Inclusion Consulting. These platforms are able to gather employee data and create insightful trends without pointing answers to any specific employee. This allows employees complete anonymity in submitting their personal data, which is hugely important especially for people of color or non-male identifying employees who may be the only ones who identify as such on small teams.

  2. Understand that simply having “diversity” is not enough! It can be incredibly problematic if organizations don’t go past the first layer of race and gender. Organizations should also gather other metrics including sexual orientation, accessibility, geographic location, caregiving, and veteran status. None of us exist within neatly categorized boxes, we each have a blend of identities that come together to shape each one of us. If organizations can deeply understand who their employees are, they will be able to best tailor their organization’s practices and policies to best fit their employees’ needs and interests.

  3. True diversity means that all backgrounds are equitably represented across all levels, departments, and roles. If all the people of color are in entry level roles or hourly worker positions, this is a huge red flag! Or, if an organization’s entire C-Suite looks like different versions of Colonel Sanders (no disrespect to delicious fried chicken!), then no matter how “diverse” it may claim to be, that organization has its work cut out for it!

  4. For more ideas and an in-depth breakdown to obtaining and leveraging meaningful diversity data, pre-order my book, The Inclusive Organization.

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