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Netta's Gift to You: Free DEI Tools!

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

As we now enter the final stretch of the year, we at Holistic Inclusion Consulting are in a giving mood. Getting a head start on the holiday season! Over the years, DEI has grown to become a critical staple in company strategies, objectives, and culture. As corporations tried to adapt, there have been actual conversations to identify the areas of improvement and develop resources to create change within the workplace. Holistic Inclusion Consulting offers diversity strategy sessions to all companies and clients. We train, teach, and coach all parties through our comprehensive courses which centers on inclusive hiring, bold allyship, driving Impact through privilege and power change, understanding and battling microaggressions and other DEI-driven topics. Our programs help organizations implement DEI policies interwoven into these HR initiatives including recruitment, promotional paths, performance evaluations, and management paradigms. Holistic Inclusion Consulting offers the following services and workshops! Check it out. WORKSHOP


  • Organizational Assessment

  • DEI Education Installation

  • Process/Policy Ideation

  • Strategic Initiative Implementation

So, interested in learning more? Better yet, how about trying these services for free? Well as stated earlier, we’re in a giving mood! Starting this month, we’re gifting FREE resources to you to utilize for your DEI initiatives. But how can you access it? You need to be a member of the Holistic Inclusion Consulting community. To register, visit our website. In addition to the free tools, we’re also going to be releasing content that aligns with our free gifts. Themes include measuring DEI impact, driving DEI efforts, DEI keys hiring managers must know, and DEI-inspired Top 10 countdown. The need for diverse workplaces is now a must! Learn more and be ahead of the curve. Inspire teams. Drive innovation. Promote growth.

By: Yesenia Reinoso

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