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Retained Diversity Recruiting


FAQs that will provide you with understanding of inclusive recruiting process at HIC

Which demographic do we cover? 

We only recruit folks from overlooked populations (Women-Identifying, Black, Latinx, Asian, and Indigenous.

What locations do we cover?

Currently, we cover all roles within the US including remote opportunities. However, we take on international roles on a case by case basis.

What types of roles/levels do we cover?

We cover roles ranging from mid to senior level executives and with a special focus on c-suite level talent. We cover all functions with a specialization in the technology industry.

What is our vetting process?

We search for talent from overlooked populations that have accomplishments with an impressive track record. We encourage clients to tell us demographics they are lacking and would like us to focus on. We pride ourselves on crafting thought provoking inclusive questions that allow us to understand the talent's thought process. Our vetting process uncovers deliverables, solutions, team effectiveness that communicate candidate’s achievements, and their impact as a leader and financial or business impact. HIC assesses how their impact correlates with the demand of the role you’re looking to fill.

Fee Structure:

The overall fee charged by HIC is 30% of the estimated first year salary of the candidate. 

  • The first third of the fee is paid to begin the search.

  • The second third is paid 30 days into the search. 

  • The final third is paid once the chosen candidate has accepted the written offer.

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