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As Head of Diversity and Inclusion for Mosaic Group and Ask Applications, an IAC/InterActiveCorp (NASDAQ: IAC) company, part of a family that includes many of the most successful media and internet brands in the world, including Match.com, HomeAdvisor, Vimeo and more.


Netta Jenkins leads the charge on the company’s mission to foster an inclusive, collaborative and forward-thinking workplace. She is currently running a career switch program for (Women, People of Color, LGBTQ, and Differently Abled); free tech classes; diverse mobile innovative incubator; and tapping into the West African market for emerging startups and talent.



Forbes said “Netta Jenkins has a strong understanding of what empowering people in the workplace can do for the growth of the company”. Under Jenkins charge, Google said “IAC Applications (now known as The Mosaic Group and Ask Apps) is a star example of a company pushing towards gender equality as well as overall cultural equality.”  



Netta is one of the most sought-after speakers for topics around diversity and inclusion and women empowerment with over 50 speaking engagements under her belt year-to-date. Jenkins served as a keynote speaker and panelist for several conferences including The Conference Board: 22nd Annual Diversity and Inclusion Conference and 2018 Featured Speaker during Essence Festival and interviewed two female NASA engineers.  She also participated as a thought leader alongside executives from Google and Foursquare in a Crowded Tech Jobs panel covering talent in the technology industry.  Jenkins is launching her ground-breaking BOOK this year. Her book will help every organization implement proven strategies that will help retain and attract talent, boost employee performance, create an inclusive culture and boost revenue significantly. OnlyGood.TV created a show called “Netta D.I.” about Jenkins transformational work. On this show, Jenkins offers solutions to clients and individuals that are facing challenges at their company. She caught the attention of  Women @ Forbes magazine and a full article has been published.

August 2015 - Present

  • Creating an inclusive work environment for all and increasing representation.

  • Currently, 91% of our employees from (Ask Applications, DailyBurn, TelTech, iTranslate and Apalon) feel they work in an inclusive work environment!

  • Planning, developing direct strategies to help more effectively recruit, develop and retain our diverse workforce.

  • Implementing compelling, strategic initiatives with GM’s of each business to shape solutions that draw the connections between diversity, inclusion, and innovation for (Ask Applications, DailyBurn, Apalon, iTranslate and TelTech).

  • Engaging and inspiring HR / Legal colleagues and business leaders to discover and experiment with approaches that are business-focused, yet move beyond conventional thinking.

  • Partnering with organizations on mentorship programs that support (women in tech, people of color, and LGBTQ)

  • Creating effective programs that aim to educate and empower employees that will help to organically increase representation.

  • Launching web series called “Empowered” which highlights employees and community members who have made meaningful contributions to Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace. 

  • Providing oversight to "Diversity Ambassadors" group that allows all employees to share perspectives. (This has formed a sense of trust, openness, and community)

  • Proactively identifying current, future needs and trends that inform the evolution of innovation around development and retention for under-represented groups.



Prior to The Mosaic Group and Ask Applications, Jenkins was the Chief Diversity Officer and Founder of Global Glamour Casting for nine years. She also worked as a career advisor to students at the University of Rhode Island.


Jenkins holds a BA in Communications and concentration in Leadership from the University of Rhode Island and an MBA in Human Resources and Accounting from Cambridge College, where she was 2014 graduate commencement speaker.


Jenkins' mission has always been centered on educating and empower others because she knows that everyone feels a form of exclusion at one point in life.