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ENROLL TODAY and equip yourself with the tools to create change within the workplace. We must end systemic racism! Educate yourself to make grand IMPACT!



save your company money

Employers should not have to deal with employees who drive away clients, or even other employees, by uninformed behavior. The financial drain this places on HR teams alone demonstrates a benefit to proactive training and education.

Protects your legal interests

Every year, U.S. businesses face billions in workplace litigation and lawsuits. These matters not only impact the bottom line through legal expenses, but also through subsequent PR and reputation management costs.

Attracts and retains diverse talent

Self-driven, professional and innovative talent are traditionally the ones who seek a positive workplace culture that fosters growth. Businesses that offer such an environment have been proven to show decreases in turnover and increases in job applicants.

Protects your brand

Across the globe, management teams are scrambling to train employees, especially those who interface with customers, to detect and manage bias. As a result, their brand perception is protected by employees who adapt to a diverse audience, detect nuances, and react appropriately in peculiar situations.

Holistic Inclusion 


It can be difficult for organizations to establish inclusive workplaces that inspire teams and drive innovation. We all have biases that prevent inclusivity - it is part of what makes us human! The Holistic Inclusion WorkshopTM is a highly requested 1-2 hour training session that offers exciting insights into the opportunities that emerge through holistic inclusion. Through real-life scenarios, stories, interactive participation, and thought-provoking exercises, the workshop provides the tools and information needed to create an inclusive and innovative workplace. The result is an inspired workforce, higher employee performance, and an environment that promotes growth.

 Our training uses interactive exercises and questioning that allow attendees to put themselves in situations calling for holistic inclusion. They will ask themselves questions they have never asked before. They will work through the answers together. And we will give them the tools they need to succeed!