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3 Ways to Acknowledge Societal Tragedy in the Workplace!

There is a lot happening in the world, and many organizations are struggling to keep up with compassionate yet effective organizational communication.

I’ve received many questions about when to address tragedies. Many organizations fear not effectively engaging with their employees - or worse - doing damage due to lack of understanding every employee’s concerns. What to do:

  1. Create a Slack channel or utilize your company forum of choice titled “societal issues” for employees to share the tragedy by which they are most impacted. This will allow leaders within the organization to address their teams.

  2. Managers don’t need to be news reporters, but bringing their team together for 5 minutes during their scheduled meeting to acknowledge what’s happening and a space for silence and sharing of resources show a high level of empathy and increases retention.

  3. Managers should engage in your slack channel or forum of choice to show a level of empathy.

By utilizing a slack channel or forum of choice, employees have an opportunity to post societal issues and leaders can engage with posts. This method will alleviate company-wide emails of everything happening in the world. It is very important for executives and all managers to contribute and engage in this channel.

If interested in learning more, then contact me for a complimentary 15-minute consultation.

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