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Ask this Powerful Exit Interview DEI Question

Exit interviews are very important. This allows an organization to capture an employee's workplace experience and take action. An exit interview is a discussion that allows a departing employee and their organization to exchange information, usually on that employee’s last day of work.

This exchange could happen in a face-to-face interview between the employee and a manager or HR, or it could be a survey which the employee fills out and turns in.

The trends should be tracked quarterly and shared with the organization to understand what’s working and what’s not working along with an action plan for what is not working.

The issue is that organizations are not asking powerful questions out of fear of uncovering the truth if it's negative.

The question that I love is…

“Did you ever feel unsafe working here as a result of your age, race, gender, or sexual identity?”
If yes, “Did this contribute to your decision to leave the organization?”
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