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Netta Jenkins Highly Sought After Speaker For Essence Festival Weekend Tech Events!

Essence Festival Weekend will be EPIC, with over 1 million people! I'm excited about being selected to speak at NOLAVATE Black Inclusive Innovation Conference on Friday July 6, 2018, downtown at the New Orleans Board of Trade. NOLAVATE Black, is a 2-day tech conference that aims to connect Black tech professionals and entrepreneurs of color to innovators, founders and investors with the objective of strengthening the Black tech ecosystem in the Greater New Orleans Region.

Theme: Diversity and Inclusion

Women In Tech - Sharing employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for women in tech, while celebrating the progress toward gender equality and diversity in leadership.

Main Stage: Friday, July 6th - Morning 10:35am- 11:10am

Women In Tech Panel & Q&A - Moderator - Netta Jenkins, Daily Burn

Ms. Rosalin Hicks, NASA

Dr. Rene Horton - NASA

Don't miss out on topics and discussions around Diversity and Inclusion, Building Black Tech Ecosystems, Education and Tech, Funding for Start-Ups, Recruitment and Retention, Digital Media and Content Creation and a special Women In Tech round-table discussion on Friday morning.

I encouraged you to stop by Daily Burn's pop-up Innovation booth and say hello!

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