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Netta Jenkins, Keynote Speaker Gives a Powerful Speech About "Balance" at Google!

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Netta Jenkins - Keynote Speaker at Google

Netta Jenkins, Vice President of Global Inclusion for Ask Applications and Mosaic Group spoke with Google's Women in Tech employees and clients about "Balance". Netta's speech was powerful and filled with key tips! She received many LinkedIn connections and messages from guests.

A Google employee said "It was personal, honest, energetic, and much appreciated." A Google client said "Thank you so much for the most inspiring keynote speech at the Google's Women in Tech event on Friday. Your talk was powerful and resonated with me in many ways. I am still digesting and processing your talk. I just wanted to send you a note of appreciation!"

Netta Jenkins - Keynote Speaker at Google

Netta's speech was authentic, heartfelt, and inspiring indeed. Before Netta's son was born, her concept of balance was insane. She thought balance was about juggling a slew of tasks. She thought making dinner every evening, cleaning, spending quality time with my husband, and then hopping on her laptop to work through the night was balance. After all, she checked everything off the list!

But she was drained. she cried herself to sleep. She felt bad because she couldn’t keep up with “balance!” She felt like a failure even though she was rising through the ranks at work.

Depression hit hard. But she masked her feelings and pain because in the African culture, mental health and depression is not often talked about. You’re considered weak if you admit that you’re depressed and need to talk to someone.

So she put up a front and pretended that everything was OK. She continued to let her distorted concept of balance guide her choices… thinking that if she ticked enough boxes things will get better.

After her own breakdown and breakthrough, She realized that the most important thing is to know your priorities and do what works for you.

What makes you feel fulfilled? What fuels you? What makes you smile? When you’re dragging your feet to perform a task, have you ever stopped and asked yourself why?

She dropped key gems and the audience was moved!

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