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Turn Boring Fireside Chats into Dynamic Audience Interaction Sessions.

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

#Blavity released an awesome article about #NewYorkOnTech awesome event. Netta had the pleasure of moderating and engaging the audience by including them. People want their thoughts and opinions heard. She didn't wait until the end of the session to conduct Q&A. She asked the audience for their perspectives throughout the evening and they were fully engage.

This article states ”Netta Jenkins, our host, shared the mic with the audience, and many recalled how if it was not for the generosity of complete strangers in some cases, they would not have the level of privilege and opportunity they cherish. The tailored suit, the Fenty lipstick, the business trips -- all a result of altruism.”

Don't miss out on booking her for your next event or D&I workshop. She is a dynamic speaker and knows how to interact with the audience.

Check out this incredible article about #NewYorkOnTech phenomenal event.

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