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Do I Have To Be Perfect - To Be Your Ally?

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Once a month, I will share steps you can take to be an effective ally in and out of the workplace. Whether you are at a company now, about to join a new company or looking for new job opportunities. This newsletter is for anyone ready to positively shift the workplace for your systemically over-looked colleagues.

I’ll share how to use your super power to create change for your overlooked colleague, so that you can shift systemic gaps and allow your colleagues to thrive within your organization in peace.

The truth is, we have the power to create change if we want too.

You made a conscious decision to subscribe to this newsletter and read it because you want to see others around you positively impacted.

You are tired of watching systemic gaps hold others back and you are READY to do the work to unleash your superpowers for others.

You got this! Let’s go! Let’s start off with you achieving your first commitment. Reach out to folks in your network to join you in this journey. Let’s start a massive movement. Share this article with your network and write an engaging posts that prompts them to subscribe to this newsletter.

Thank you for subscribing!

I'm a diversity, equity and inclusion executive consultant. I’m truly passionate about partnering with organizations to create customized strategies that dismantle systemic gaps within the workplace. See, my work ignites employees to fall in love with their company because they experience their organization's positive shift that is driving learning and promotional growth, respect and happiness. My dynamic deep level approach is successful due to my extensive knowledge of under-represented populations, corporate accountability, leadership authenticity, history and policy of structural racism and my deep understanding of human behavior.

Every month, I want you to learn, grow and be better. Don’t worry, I’m on this journey with you. Highlight points that make you feel uncomfortable, happy, empowered, sad. Write down specific examples that come up for you during those emotions. After reading each newsletter, reflect on your emotions. We are able to apply learnings when we are in tune with how we feel and understand why. I’m a human behavior nerd and a large part of taking action is understanding YOU.

About Netta Jenkins:

A leading voice in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion field whose soaring audience of about 100,000 followers on LinkedIn engagement was doubtless a key factor in Forbes naming her as one of the top 7 anti-racism consultants in the world. One of Netta’s LinkedIn posts went viral and has received over 25+ million views. Netta was featured in CIO Views publication as “The Top 10 Most Influential Black Women in Business to Follow in 2021”. She was listed as LinkedIn Top Voice for equity within the workplace content. An acclaimed author with a deep background in communications, leadership, and behavioral psychology, Netta has been advising corporations and audiences of all kinds for more than 15 years on the most effective strategies to address systemic barriers, its traumatic impact, and the path to social justice through Holistic Inclusion Consulting LLC;

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